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Behind The Boundary started as a daily work routine between two teachers who shared a love for sport, beers, betting and a classroom in 2018.  


Each day was another episode of Behind The Boundary and loosely became the structure of the show.


In the mornings the boys would prep discussing the big news, hypothetical AFL scenarios and place their bets for recess and lunch time NBA viewing.  The rest of the day was constant back and forth discussion, banter, jokes, pranks, checking scores whilst moving between two classrooms educating 5-year-old children.  


This would become the norm for the Pez and Sauce,

until one Friday night weekly debrief session (better

known as Beers and Footy at the pub), like all drunk-

en blokes do, they had an idea to record their own

podcast. The next week unfolded quickly, drafting

segments, ideas,topics, and researching podcasting


The first recording was in their classroom library with two tables pushed together, bets scribbled on a whiteboard, two teachers both with gaming headsets and many, many takes. The first episode took over 4 hours to record between trying to configure gaming headsets, computer software issues, internet how to’s and the constant laughter.


Fast forward two years, and an array of different recording studios (bedrooms, friends couches, classrooms, lounge-rooms) the boys finally settled into their own home studio. During that time, they worked hard to build weekly consistent Podcast built around the AFL, themed around betting.  They purchased recording equipment, invested in video and audio software and started collecting AFL cards. (some of us will always be immature)


The coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020, and confronted the world with many uncertainties. With Australia going into lockdown and the impact on professional sport difficult to predict the show adapted and shifted its focus. The evolution of the show prompted a name change and new direction for Behind the Boundary. 

Behind the boundary is always growing and expanding, as are the hosts. It is a great creative outlet for the Pez and Sauce to discuss AFL, News, have a cheeky punt and continue to have fun doing something they both love.