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Competition Rules
Entry Fee

A one off $20 entry fee (must be paid by the start of Round 1)


Prize Money

Prize money will be announced after Round 1. All money collected will go to the last person/s standing. Winner/s takes all.


Loser Comp Rules

You are picking one team each round that you think will lose.

Once you have a chosen team, you cannot choose it again for the duration of the competition, or until every team has been used.

Each player gets one life. (one incorrect pick for each player)

Pick one team each round that you are picking to lose. Pick must be in before the opening bounce (game starting) of the first game each round.

If your pick wins, draws, has a bye, or has already been selected by you in a previous round you lose 1 life from the competition. If you have already lost your life you are eliminated from the competition.


If it Loses, you survive, and pick again (one team that you haven’t picked) the following round, and so on until there is only one person standing.


If more than one person is left standing after Round 18, we start again (same rules as above) and play until Round 23.


In addition, during this time, you will not be able to pick against the top 3 sides on the AFL ladder at the end of Round 18. ( more information to come if needed)



The winner is the last person standing once all other players have been eliminated.
Winner/s takes all the prize money.


At the end of Round 23, the competition ends, and the prize money is split between the remaining player.


Last Person Standing

The moment your pick is incorrect (wins) you are eliminated/lose a life.



If there are two players left at round 15 and player A picks St. Kilda to lose on Friday Night and Player B picks Geelong to lose on Saturday.


St. Kilda wins on Friday night resulting in Player A’s elimination from the competition, Player B is automatically the last person standing regardless of any future results and awarded the cash prize money.


Entering your Picks

Each round you will be sent an online form. Type in your user Id and select one team to lose from the list. It is your responsibility to keep your user ID private, this ensures only you will be able to lodge your pick.


It is your responsibility to monitor which teams you have selected. If you select a team you have already selected, you will lose a life or be eliminated.


Changing your pick

Each pick is timestamped on the selection form and the first pick lodged will be the pick that will be sued in the competition.


There is no changing of picks once you fill out the form so make sure your pick is correct.

All players picks will be sent through an email  Facebook messenger during the first game of the round.